2019-20 Candidates

Talya Cohen

Community Center Coordinator

I have lived in UV for the past 4 years, 3 of which I have been serving as the unit representative of Sawtelle C, working to bring people together and form a strong community by organizing social events and passing through requests and/or problems regarding the public areas in the unit. I would like to increase my involvement in UASRA by serving as the Community Center Coordinator, helping and supporting the entire UV community. I will fill this position with care and dedication.

Meytal Bat Or Johnson

Community Center Coordinator

Hello, my name is Meytal, I have been living in the UV with my husband and child for a while now and we love it. First, I would like to say how much we appreciate the sense of community we feel here. As we are both pretty far from home, living here has provided us with a safe environment to raise our son, with playgrounds, work space at the study lounge and having our own party here at the gazebo. Since I am grateful for the housing and I like it here so much, I would like to run to the community center coordinator position. In the past I ran yoga studios of my own, and so I have experience for the position; I understand the importance of the little details that make any event possible, starting from coordinating space availability to making sure the space is clean and ready for the next person. I look forward to working with UCLA REC and UASRA on a wide range of engaging events, classes, and programs with feedback from the community and working with all residents in scheduling and coordinating the community facilities.

Meytal Johnson

Mohammadali Panahi

Community Center Coordinator

I am Mohammadali Panahi who is a second year PhD student in UCLA. I have been familiar with UASRA through their monthly meeting. I helped them to hold some events like Yoga Class for the community residents. I am interested to participate in UASRA officially this year and try to provide different classes for the community residents. Based on my previous experience, I think I could manage and schedule useful classes for the residents in order to provide an opportunity to improve their healthiness, emotions and skills. My interests are matched with Community coordinator and I like to be a candidate for this position. Thanks,Mohammadali Panahi

Natalija Markina

Event Coordinator

Hello Everyone ! I like parties !! I would love to be Event Coordinator, let?s have fun together ! ????

Vivian Prak

Green Coordinator

Have you noticed the impressive Zero Waste efforts at University Village? We are practicing many of the 5 R's (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot) with composting, clothes donations, battery disposal, rescued produce, and resell/reuse. I propose boosting existing programs and creating new reuse/share programs as UASRA's Green Initiatives in 2019:

Promote composting to all families with food separation and proper Green Bin disposal.

Encourage the accessibility of Green programs beyond the FB group.

Create a community lending library for kitchen appliances, party supplies, tools, auto repair, etc.

Host community swap meets alongside the Free Farmer?s Market.

Reduce the furniture, mattresses, and move-out items at the dumpsters.

Being a Green Coordinator is a marriage of my two interests: rescuing trash and being a fixer. My experience in green problem-solving comes in two forms. I am certified in Recycling and Waste Management with field hours in zero waste events. I was also ?Mrs. Prak? for 8 years as a high school teacher and faculty trainer. Guiding others with empathy and a smile is second nature to me. I look forward to the opportunity to make our community greener in spirit and practice.

Sustainably yours,
Vivian Prak

Catherine Bender


I am interested in working with residents and their representatives in UASRA to continue the work of advocating for all of our community, but especially the needs of our most marginalized residents. UASRA?s autonomy as an organization that serves residents and not the university is a valuable resource. Every year our community deals with various issues while living at UAS, and I am interested in furthering UASRA?s efforts to combat unaffordable rents and racial violence, especially against Black residents. As President, I would support our overall mission of building stronger community ties and power by continuing UASRA?s shift to more unit-centered outreach and programming. Also, as a longtime resident of Venice/Barry, am interested in ensuring the consideration of mixed-use residents in our planning.

Marbet Munoz


As the current secretary I believe that my experience is critical in helping the new board have a smoother transition. This position is more than just taking minutes of all the meetings, it has allowed a space for a different perspective. I hope to continue this position and to further gain experience as I?ll be at the community for a few more years which will be really important for years to come.

Aleksandar Kondic


Dear Residents, I have served now for two years as the Mentone/Clarington Unit Representative and in those two years I have gained insight in what it takes to build a community. Programs/events that helped me overcome the difficulties of living in a mixed-use environment were the Produce Event, Community Gardening, events that were addressing the residents' demographics like The Lunar New Year and as of lately we also enjoy the excess products of an organic bakery. As the treasurer I would work with other board members to make sure that we keep those programs intact and come up with new ones that would achieve even better results. Tracy served as the treasurer now for many years and I would like to thank her for her outstanding contribution! I will give my best to fill her shoes.

Rustu Umut Tok

Vice President

I have been working for UASRA for 2 years. Currently, I am the Event Coordinator and previously I have been served as Sepulveda A Unit Representative for one year. During my 2 years of adventure at UASRA, my main purpose was to improve relations between the neighbours via bringing them together to create a friendly community. My main tool to achieve this goal was the events that I organized such as Halloween, Snowday and Karaoke Night. As far as I observe the happy kids and families during those events, I can say, events helped a lot to the community to get to know each other and to reinforce the relations within the community.
Vice President Position is a natural continuation of the Event Coordinator Position since bylaws state that the main responsibility of Vice President is supervising Event Coordinator, Community Center Coordinator and Unit Representatives.
I believe I am a strong candidate for this position based on my previous UASRA experience. I believe I can support and collaborate with Event Coordinator, Community Center Coordinator and Unit Reps to serve this community better.

Robert Farley

Website Editor

Since becoming the Website Editor for UASRA last November, I?ve made major changes to the main site, UASRA.org, for it to be more useful, accessible, and informative for our community. The site now features more accessible redesigns for most of the site, including a menu for navigation, a newsreel for announcements, higher contrast readable fonts, and others. I?ve rebuilt database elements of the site, so we have working independent forms for people to reserve garden plots, and to engage more directly with the site. If elected, I will continue this project of making the site more empowering, accessible, and sustainable for our growing community. As a member of the Board, I will continue to advocate for our needs as students and families.

Sufia Sadaf

Unit Rep - Sawtelle A (3100-3140)

I am currently the unit Representative for Sawtelle-A. I am inclined towards mediating better bonding among neighbors. Even before I was elected (October 2018), I would reach out to neighbors locally, to lend them an ear on their lives and in general to propogate harmony on the thriving playground! Being a mother to a toddler myself and new in the UA village, I have personally felt the need to bring neighbors close. I would like to continue my duty as a unit Representative and be a part of the UASRA-Reslife goals.

Elior Cohen

Unit Rep - Sawtelle C (3210-3240)

I lived in the University Village for the past 4 years. I am passionate about becoming active in the community and meeting new people. I would like to organize social events, make sure that the unit is safe and that there are no
safety hazards, and represent the unit in board meetings.

Maria Jesus Fontecilla Enriquez

Unit Rep - Sawtelle D (3250-3300)

We don't have any relatives here, and in the time we have been living in this community our neighbors became in our friends and family. I feel gratitude to the resident association for all the time and effort to make the experience living here more pleasant for everyone, and I?d like to serve as you to our community.

Leilaalsadat Ensaniat

Unit Rep - Sawtelle E (3310-3360)


I am living with my spouse, who is already a PhD student in UCLA , in Sawtelle Family Housing since 2018. I have been a Unit Rep- Sawtelle -E since 2018. We have had events like Happy Springs and Yoga Class for the residents. It has been really awesome to be with the residents from different cultures. I am so much interested to continue running this position for the next year. I will have the chance to find more friends from different country through the events I am holding for the them.

Leila Ensaniat

Linda Castillo Sanchez

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda A (3151-3171)

I want to keep giving back to this precious community.
The past year I learned so much from them that i am confident this year will be better if given the chance. :)

Louise Makovsky

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda A (3151-3171)

Having lived in this community for a little over a year I have grown to appreciate the camaraderie between my neighbors. A camaraderie seen best during the many organized events thrown by various representatives. I understand these representatives become strong advocates for their neighbors by representing them not only during these events, but also during monthly meetings. During the time that I?ve lived here, I?ve established countless friendships with those within my unit and neighboring units. I often listen to ideas and suggestions brought up within our community that I would be proud to address in front of a larger audience. If I am chosen as a unit representative, I feel confident that my unit would likewise feel proud of me addressing these concerns. I am appreciative of the time I?ve had here and wish to be able to give back to my community during this next year. I feel that I would do this best as a unit representative.

Gabriele Colozza

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda C (3241-3255)

I would like to do something helpful for my community, that is why I?m applying as a representative

Ashley Neph

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda D (3261-3281)

I was the unit representative this past year and I have really enjoyed it! Getting to know people in the community and putting on events to help better serve/promote the community has been a real pleasure and I hope to be able to continue it!

Yan Zhou

Unit Rep - Venice/Barry

I'm interested in being Unit Rep for Venice/Barry apartment because I really love my apartment and my neighbors, and I want to contribute to my community. More importantly, as an international student, I am eager to help cultivate diversity in our community.
In the past two years, I've been actively participating in all community social events and built up a good relationship with my neighbors. Graduate students are busy and sometimes can feel left out. I hope I can help build an active and warm community so that we can support each other outside our graduate programs. In addition, as an international student, I?ve seen that our campus is becoming more diverse and inclusive both in and outside our classrooms. VB residents are a diverse group of students from all different backgrounds, and I want to contribute to making it a more inclusive and culturally diverse community.

Laura Reizman

Unit Rep - Venice/Barry

As your current representative, I am running for Unit Rep for next year to continue serving the community of Venice Barry. Your concerns are important to me and I have been quick and responsive regarding issues ranging from gym equipment to laundry room hours. I have also continued Farmer?s Market Glean, through the help of volunteers, and hope to continue this next year as well. We?ve also had several successful events including the Venice Barry welcome event in the Fall, Social Hour during Winter, and the upcoming movie event for Spring. If elected, I will continue to advocate for you and look forward to working with you next year!

Michelle Luna

Unit Rep - Rose

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