2020 Candidates

Catherine Bender


Over the last year, UASRA has continued to build advocacy and mutual aid into the core of our mission. The COVID19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of this direction, as large-scale in-person events will not be viable for some time, and affordable rents and respectful relationships with neighbors is more important than ever. As president, I worked with the board to better support ongoing projects like the food distribution program, maintain a focus on unit-specific events and outreach, and leveraged our relationships with our institutional partners to identify and address issues at UAS. There is much more to do and if elected again I would focus on our transition with a new team to carry on our efforts.

Marbet Munoz

Vice President

I have been a part of UASRA since 2017 and during that time I served as Secretary. I have lived at University Village for about 3 years. This past year I supported the Green Coordinator during the Farmers Markets and the gleaned food program and drove a few times to bring more food into the community. I help the President advocate and voice the needs of the community amidst the COVID-19 crisis and the importance of rent affordability. I also assisted our unit representatives put on great events throughout our community. As Vice President I want to provide greater support to the rest of the UASRA team so that as a team we can continue to bring much needed resources into the community. I hope to also continue to advocate for the safety and well being of our community. I want to thank the current UASRA team for all the amazing programming that was implemented even if funds were low. I look forward to working with everyone to continue to meet the needs of our beautiful and diverse community.

Aleksandar Kondic


Dear fellow residents,

During my first year serving as the Treasurer of the UASRA, my prerogative was to work with other board members in creating a budget that would satisfy the essential needs of our community. Before the crisis we secured funding for many popular events. In these uncertain times, however, programs such as the Produce Event and the Food Distribution have become paramount to many households, and we have therefore decided to increase funding for them. In addition to my regular duties of a treasurer, I helped start the above mentioned food distribution program by connecting the Green Coordinator with FoodCycle LA, which is the organization we get our groceries from. I have also worked together with the Garden Coordinator to improve policies and practices in our gardens, and helped my local community with events and food distribution. If reelected, I will insist on expanding the respective programs, keep UASRA financially sound and work with all of you even harder to help those in need.

Aleksandar Kondic

Michelle Luna


I have been involved with UASRA for 2 years now. In my time as Rose unit rep, I have increased the number of events and built a stronger sense of community among the Rose residents! I hope to continue serving my community as secretary to continue representing mixed-use housing in the UASRA board. I look forward to continue supporting the events that take place at Rose including meals to share together, produce deliveries, and community space improvements by continuing to be involved in UASRA.

Ingrid Otto


I am applying for Secretary because I have previous experience holding secretary positions from 2 organizations I was involved in during my undergraduate education (a total of 1.5 years for both organizations combined). I understand the roles and responsibilities secretaries hold, including the importance of attending and assisting with meetings, and taking detailed minutes. I also recognize the importance of communication, and I have experience with maintaining professional and consistent communication standards using social media and email platforms. My plan is to utilize the skills and experiences I have gained from my past secretary positions by holding the secretary position for my housing complex.

Scott Panitz


I want to be a part of the UASRA leadership, contributing my skills, experience, and values to make life in student apartments better for everyone. I believe the secretary position is one where I can add value, as it fits my expertise. As a law student, I understand the benefits and limits of operating under bylaws. I know the importance of taking minutes and observing other formalities. I have the keen sense for detail required of a secretary. And I believe I can offer my voice and advise to a variety of the matters relevant to association and resident issues.

María Jesús Fontecilla Enriquez

Event Coordinator

I love to live in this diverse community. In the last three years, I have met so many interesting, smart, and kind neighbors. Last year as a representative of the unit (Sawtelle D), I had the opportunity to be part of the incredible UASRA team. I organized for my unit big events like the ?Welcome pi?ata party? and the ?Halloween potluck?, and co-hosted with Sawtelle C ?lunar new year book-exchange? and ?pizza contest? events. I had more ideas for spring and summer, but as you know, COVID-19 forced me to postpone them.

I believe that the role of Event Coordinator during the pandemic should be reoriented to help our community stay together, despite the physical distance. We feel part of the community when we support and help each other. It?s a challenge that requires creativity and commitment, and that I would love to take on. Thanks in advance,


Karen Yeager

Event Coordinator

Recently, I organized a UASRA community wide virtual egg hunt, and performed 90% of the logistics with notices, data analysis and public relations and I really enjoyed it! I would like to apply to this position for my last year at UCLA. I have ideas for other events, virtual and non-virtual for all of the holidays, cultural events and at this time of COVID-19. Some of my ideas include STEAM related projects such as making volcanoes at home, or fathers/mothers day card making, cooking, and fun, inclusive activities for the holidays and different cultures as well.

Robert James Farley

Website Editor

With your support, I hope to continue my work as Web Editor and Board Member of UASRA. Over the last year and a half in this position, I've redesigned and rebuilt the site to be more accessible and user-friendly on the user and developer sides. Since COVID-19, I established the Virtual Community Center as where residents have meetings and give regular classes. I've also made significant progress in a new garden reservation system. As a member of the Board, I have and will advocate on behalf of our residents, especially those most in need of support. I will keep our current Board's mission of service and advocacy, from assisting our food program to keeping residents informed of housing policies.

Talya Cohen

Community Center Coordinator

This is my first year as the community center coordinator after being a unit representative for more than 3 years. During this year, I introduced new classes for members of our community with no cost - Spanish, yoga, and story time. I also handled event reservations of the community center and the gazebo area, providing assistance with any question or concern from residents. With my experience and knowledge of UASRA and our community, I plan to expand the range of available classes to residents next year and will work with community members to improve community life!

Meytal Johnson

Jennifer Woolley

Community Center Coordinator

I am very interested in the Community Center Coordinator position for this coming academic year. I have served as the community center maintenance coordinator this past year so I am already very familiar with the rules, regulations, and maintenance of the community center. I would like to be involved at a higher level with scheduling and coordinating events. Communication and strict attention to detail are attributes that I consider within my strengths and would be essential in this position. Formerly working as a registered nurse has developed these skills. Currently I am a stay at home mom which gives me a lot of flexibility to manage the community center at various times of the day. We also live in a building adjacent to the community center so I can easily get there within a moments notice should the need arise during a scheduled event. For the aforementioned reasons I believe I would be the best candidate for this position this coming year.

Niamh Costello

Unit Rep - Mentone/Clarington

Since moving into the building I have appreciated the efforts that are made to offer programs and events in the community, and would be keen to remain involved in doing this.

Yan Zhou

Unit Rep - Venice/Barry

I've been Unit Rep for Venicebarry for a year! I enjoy it a lot and want to continue this job to build our community!
In the past two years, I've been actively participating in all community social events and built up a good relationship with my neighbors. Graduate students are busy and sometimes can feel left out. I hope I can help build an active and warm community so that we can support each other outside our graduate programs. In addition, as an international student, I?ve seen that our campus is becoming more diverse and inclusive both in and outside our classrooms. VB residents are a diverse group of students from all different backgrounds, and I want to contribute to making it a more inclusive and culturally diverse community.

Brigid Morris

Unit Rep - Keystone

I participate in the Keystone/Mentone Garden, and I help with food distribution when I can. I think it's important to continue building our community, and I would love to do as a unit rep for my complex.

Akina Ikudo

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda A (3151-3171)

I have been volunteering at the Food Forward produce distribution, and more recently, Food Cycle LA food distribution. I have been enjoying meeting with new people and serving the community. (I would love to apply for the Green Coordinator position as well, but I don't see the option above.)

Since both my husband and I are students and normally on campus during day, it has been difficult for us to get to know our neighbors well. We really appreciated the welcome potluck event and if I am elected, I intend to organize similar events more regularly.

I often see debates on the facebook group about laundry room usage, service animal droppings, mail theft, etc. These debates often result in no change. I want to get involved to solve these issues in an official capacity as well as by bringing residents closer. I hesitate to write opinions on the facebook group, and I think many of residents feel intimidated as well. My goal as a unit representative is to get to know my neighbors so that they feel comfortable bringing any problems and ideas to me.

Diem Mi Do

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda B (3175-3195)

I am the current Sepulveda B Unit Rep and this past year I have really enjoyed being active within the community. I would like to continue doing my part to contribute with activities, events and other programs that benefit the community.

James Boocock

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda C (3241-3255)

I have been living in University housing for four years and my rent has gone up faster than my paycheck. As a graduate student I don't make very much money, and almost everything I earn goes right back to my employer. When I moved to UAS I attended a UASRA meeting, and was highly impressed at how organized and motivated they were to try and address housing issues for UCLA employees. Then the pandemic hit, and people in our community were suddenly out of work and the unsustainable housing situation started to become a full blown disaster. Since then, I have been working with the current UASRA president, other UASRA reps, and neighbors to survey residents and understand the scope of the problem. In response to this survey, we sent a letter to housing administration asking them to deal with issues raised by survey respondents, but they told us they weren't going to do anything. I know that if we get relief it will be targeted and short term, not the overarching rental justice that we have needed for a long time. We need to get more organized and get more people involved so that the University will start to listen. For me this goes beyond just surveys and letter and needs to also be about community and caring for each other. That is why I am excited to run for unit rep as the UASRA has already cultivated a great community atmosphere. I believe that the UASRA does and will continue to play an important role in making housing affordable and available for all UCLA students. I want want to be a part of that change.

Yvonne Roca

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda C (3241-3255)

Hello! I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! I am interested in serving as an event coordinator, community center coordinator, or unit representative because I want to organize meaningful events for families and promote togetherness across our community. I have 3 years of experience with my planning and coordinating educational and community events and working with diverse populations. Through my experience working as an Outreach Ambassador, I learned the importance of communication and teamwork. I gained communication, problem solving and leadership skills. I learned to prioritize, organize, troubleshoot and multi-task and I developed strong attention to detail. I believe that these make me an ideal candidate for the position. Lastly, I want to ensure that families at University Village have a plenty of opportunities to engage with neighbors, build connections and stay aware of what is happening in our community.

Sufia Sadaf

Unit Rep - Sawtelle A (3100-3140)

I have lived in the UV community for two years. I have had a wonderful time connecting with the community over here, more so from the time I took the position of UASRA Sawtelle representative. As a unit repeesentative, I have worked closely with our neighbors, heard them and communicated their concerns to the main board members and residential life office and also facilitated unit events. This year, amidst the difficult times due to the ongoing pandemic our community is trying to their best capacity in working together. I look forward to be able to continue working for my neighbors!

Leila Zamani

Unit Rep - Sawtelle B (3150-3180)

This is Leila Zamani, i would to be Unit Rep this year for Unit B at Sawtelle.

Elior Cohen

Unit Rep - Sawtelle C (3210-3240)

I have served as the unit representative of Sawtelle C in the past year. I have held multiple community events before the COVID-19 crisis. I have also assisted the food distribution program by bringing groceries once a week to residents of the unit. I provided free yoga classes and fun activities for kids. I am interested in keeping these activities and increase number of events and themes of events next year.
safety hazards, and represent the unit in board meetings.

Leilaalsadat Ensaniat

Unit Rep - Sawtelle E (3310-3360)

I have been Sawtelle E unitRep and still like to have this position.

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