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Becoming Birth Partners: a Workshop for pregnant persons and their partners

Last Saturday Leica Jones, trained doula and member of our community, led a 2 hours workshop for parents to be from UASRA, for first time in person (last year she did it on zoom).

This was also our first event in the community center since the pandemic, and we are really excited to start to use this Community space again.

Many of the couples who attended the workshop will have their babies during the summer. They had the opportunity to discuss some normal variations in labor and delivery, common options and medical interventions, what to include in a birth plan, decision making during labor and some pain relief techniques. Leica gave them lots of tips and tricks that she often shares with her clients. She emphasized how the partner can collaborate during the process and the impact that this support has on the entire labor experience for the mother.

Thank you Leica for an amazing workshop!

The stage of pregnancy is full of joy and hope, but also concerns and worries. For many families from abroad, the procedures and healthcare system here can seem complex and challenging. For UASRA, accompanying these couples at this important moment is a privilege. We are grateful for the participation and interest with which the community has responded to this initiative.

We wish the best of luck to these couples, in their pregnancy, delivery and we hope to meet those babies soon!


Do you want to contact Leica? Here is her professional contact Information:

Leica Jones - The West LA Birth Doula

Phone: (713) 560-6973 Web: The West LA Birth Doula Insta: @leicajonesbirthsupport

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