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Garden events 2022-2023

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

We had online garden event (Feb 2023) where we discussed:

1. maximum use of you of your garden plot area,

2. safe kids activities in garden.

3. Kitchen scrap used growing new plants (economical gardening)

Check all the info in pdf format added in the garden Facebook page.

If you are a gardener at UASRA, please join our Facebook garden community page for updates and lively conversation about gardening:

We had our in-person garden fest (April 2023) where we met our gardeners and master gardeners and distributed plants, seeds, decor, pest control items. Picture of event uploaded on our Facebook page.

It was an honor to serve UASRA garden community as Garden supervisor for two years. I end my duties now with this academic session. It was great experience working with gardeners, UCLA maintenance team, and UASRA team. -Aparamita Pandey, UASRA community garden supervisor

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