Reservation Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve a barbeque with my reservation?

Barbeques are reserved on a first come first serve policy. The only barbeques that can be reserved online are the gazebo and the community center.

What is the capacity of the community center?

The capacity of the community center is 60 people.

How many tables and chairs are available in my community center reservation?

There are seven large rectangular tables (seats 8), five medium round tables (seats 5-6), and fifty standard folding chairs. If you use the tables and chairs at your reservation, you are required wipe down and return the tables and chairs to the storage room inside the community center.

Is there a kitchen in the community center?

Yes, there is a small kitchen with a stove, microwave and sink. The community center also has a fridge that belongs to UAS management, but if you were to store something small like a cake they usually won't mind.

Can I reserve the pool?

No, sorry the pool is not available for reservations.

Can I use decorations for my reservation?

Yes, you can use decorations for your event. However, decorations and tape must be removed by the end of your event.

Can I see the community center before my reservation?

Yes! You can contact the community center coordinator at to schedule a time to see the room. There is also a general meeting open to all residents the third wednesday of every month (except August and December) at 7pm. You are welcome to see the room and attend the meeting.

What is the maximum time I can reserve?

You are allowed to reserve up to 6 hours per apartment. A minimum of 3 hours to start and can add up to 3 more hours per reservation (example 10am-3pm).

Is there a kitchen in the Sepulveda Resource Room?

No, unfortunately there is not a kitchen in the sepulveda resource room.

How many tables and chairs are in the sepulveda resource room?

There are three small tables and twelve chairs in the sepulveda resource room

Can I have an inflatable jumper at my event?

No, unfortunately they are not allowed at your event.

Are there public restrooms near the gazebo?

The only "public" restrooms available are near the community center/pool. You need your key card to access these restrooms.

Can I use the study room bathrooms for my guests during my reservation?

No, the study room bathrooms are intended solely for those residents who are utilizing the study rooms. Allowing guests to use this bathroom can culminate in a breach of contract.

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