Sorting Waste at UAS

UCLA is going Zero Waste in 2020! Here at UAS, we participate in a triple stream waste program.


What does that mean? 

In your homes, set up a recycling bin and a food waste bowl, in addition to your trash can. At most dumpsters, you will see 3 types of bins: tan for landfill, blue for recycling, and green for composting. 

To sort items into the correct bin, here are some basics to know:

Green BinCompost: Keep all food waste in a compost bin or bowl by the kitchen sink, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and more.


Blue Bin - Recycling: Collect your recyclables in a bin separate from your trash. Remember to empty and clean out bottles, cans, metal, cartons, cardboard, and more.


Tan BinLandfill: Use your trash can for non-recyclables such as coffee cups, wrappers, Styrofoam, diapers, and more.


Special Collection – Set aside these items and remember do NOT throw them into any dumpster:


Batteries: Battery collection tubes in UAS Laundry Rooms


E-waste: UCLA SAFE Collection center, or leave by dumpster – do not block access to bins


Bulky items: leave by dumpster – do not block access to bins, do not leave on sidewalks

If you have more questions about sorting waste, ask your UASRA Green Coordinator (

Want to test your recycling knowledge?

Check out our new compost bins!

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