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Recycle and sort your waste!

Dear UAS residents,

We are living through a real climate threat, but as caring earthlings do you know we can do our part by being mindful of the waste we dispose??!

We can sort our waste broadly into three categories:

*Landfill (stays in the pits and takes very long to degrade)

*Recyclables (gets recycled/ repurposed by companies)

*Compostables (becomes part of the soil afterwards)

The UASRA, under the guidance of UCLA Sustainability ( is contributing towards attaining zero-waste status and we encourage all the residents to participate.

Do you also know that if you sort your waste into recycling and composting, you can achieve zero-waste status? It's good to start from home.

Quick tips: 1) look for the list of items in the attached poster and sort your waste accordingly.

2) you can wash/rinse food-boxes, cans etc. and direct them towards recycling rather than landfills

3) for compostables- the discard bags are opened, checked and removed once they reach the facilities so you can use any type of bags, but compostable bags are encouraged!

In the long run, we can reduce our carbon footprint and save our environment!

For queries/feedback, you can reach out to Sawtelle A unit Rep (uasrasawtellea at gmail dot com), Green Coordinator (uasragreencoordinator at gmail dot com) or ResLife office ( Feel free to share the information with others.

The following link is useful to learn more about how to reduce Carbon footprint:

Important Green principles recognition days:

Climate Action day- Dec 5 (

Earth day-April 22 (

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