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Free Food Program

Our Free Food Program for UAS residents is a collaboration between the UASRA and FoodCycle LA, a non-profit organization that rescues food that would be otherwise thrown away from markets like Trader Joe's, Sprouts and Whole Foods. More about them at


FoodCycle volunteers bring food that they collect from the above-mentioned markets to us and then our officers and volunteers distribute the donated food to the community. This happens throughout the week.


The food varies from week to week depending on what we receive. For the UAS community, it's always free.

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The Free Food Program is powered by volunteers, and we rely on them to keep the program going. Join us today and help keep food out of landfill and help feed your community!

Food Produce: Get Involved

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Free Food Program

Surplus food is delivered to the University Apartments South by FoodCycle LA within the 'best-by' date. Our volunteers receive the food and put it out for distribution in communal areas.

Sign up to get text notifications on free food distributions by clicking "Enroll now" or by texting @uasragreen to 81010

Opt out at any time by texting @leave to 81010

Volunteer Your Time

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Help Us Soar

Want to help? We're waiting for you! Sign up below to join the fight against food waste.

Rules for Taking Free Food:

1. An announcement will be made on Remind when free food is available. Maintain a 6ft distance with others and wear a mask

2. Limits on food may apply. Limits are applied per household. If more than one family member arrives to take food the SUM TOTAL amount of food taken by all family members must not exceed the limit.

3. The food being distributed is free and donated by grocery stores (through FoodCycle LA). Many of the products are past the Best By date, meaning it is past peak freshness for store purposes. Most of this food is still safe to eat. However, please exercise good judgment and verify the food is still good to eat before consuming it.

4. Free food is not for resale. You may give the food to other people but you may not sell it. This food is donated to FoodCycle LA with the understanding that the food will not be resold, and if a receiving organization is found doing so it is grounds for canceling the Free Food Program. If you are found reselling free food you will be banned from receiving free food.

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