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🚫 Don't Leave Harmful Items

Please remember: Avoid leaving harmful items in open spaces, particularly in areas where children play. When donating, coordinate through our Facebook Page or WhatsApp group and only place items out when the recipient is ready to collect. Let's keep our playgrounds safe by refraining from using them as donation sites. Kindly use designated areas near garbage bins instead. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring our community's safety.

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🚗 Drive Slowly

Be cautious while driving within the neighborhood, especially near play areas. Slow down and watch out for our kids!

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🔒 Lock It Up to Protect your belongings!

Lock your garage, locker in the mail/laundry room, and home to prevent theft and keep your valuables secure.

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🚪 Keep Gates and Doors Closed

Help maintain security by closing gates and doors in communal areas like the mailroom, laundry room, study room, and garden area.

📞 Who to contact?

Emergency Maintenance Line: 310-391-0686

UCPD (call them about any suspicious activities): 310-825-1491

Apartment Coordinators (lockout/noise/smoking/after-hour emergency): 310-398-469211

💡 Share Your Ideas

We value your input! Share your suggestions for enhancing safety and community spirit with us.

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