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Garden Information Center

• Information on All Things Gardening •

Gardening in
University Villages

Need more information on what to grow in your plot? Learn more from our Master Gardener Michael.

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Interested in learning how to grow vegetables?

DIY Raised Garden Bed

The "Why", "Where", and "How" to DIY raised-bed gardening.

Common Weeds of West Los Angeles

What you need to know about common weeds that could show up in your garden

New Gardener HelpBook #1

More on plants suitable for zone 10 + various seasons.

Spring & Summer
Gardening Basics

Learn more about gardening basics in Los Angeles County

New Gardener
HelpBook #2

Some common Q+A's for our new gardener friends.

Are you excited to get your garden going, but you don't know where to start? You're in the right place.


Our Master Gardener Sergio Costa is giving us tips on:

1. Common weeds so gardeners can spot them

2. About starting a vegetable garden in Los Angeles

3. Summer and Spring gardening suggestions and an extensive list of plants

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• Seed Library •

• Worm Bin Locations •

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Worm bin care.png

• Common Concerns •

Are you still needing some help with your garden?

Reach out to the gardener designated to your plot. You would have received this contact information in your plot assignment email.

Are you still waiting on your plot assignment?

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