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Our monthly General Assembly meetings are where we gather to discuss and respond to residents’ questions and concerns, as well as invite UAS management and the UC Police Department to inform residents of current issues. All residents are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting; light refreshments and childcare are provided.

The General Assembly is held at 7:00 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of every month except for August and December. The General Assembly takes place in the Community Center, which is located directly across from the pool on the Sawtelle side of University Village (3200 Sawtelle Blvd).

NOTE ON COVID-19: For the foreseeable future, we will be holding GA meetings online via Zoom.


Minutes from 2022 GA Meetings

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General Assembly minutes will be published by the 4th Wednesday of every month, except when a GA meeting is not scheduled.

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Minutes from 2021 GA Meetings

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Minutes from 2020 GA Meetings

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Minutes from 2019 GA Meetings

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Minutes from 2018 GA Meetings

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