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UASRA Budget

Our Source of Funding

The main source of funding for UASRA is the association fees which residents are obliged to pay together with their rent. The fee is currently at $6/unit per month, which is a model that has provided us with stability in planing our yearly budget. The organization of all the programs/events relevant for our fellow residents and the stipends for the residents who decide to become officers in the UASRA are all covered by this main source of funding.


The only other source is the garden fees: a one time $30 payment collected by our Garden Coordinator from residents for using assigned garden plots. These funds, however, are for the Community Garden Program use only.

Program Highlight - Free Food Program

The program we are most proud of is the Free Food Program. Already in the first year of its existence, we have been able to distribute more than 108.000 lb of donated food to our community.


The food comes to us primarily through volunteers of the organization FoodCycle LA, who collect groceries close to the expiration date from supermarkets like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, and Bristol Farms. This food of high quality, which helps out residents who face food scarcity, would otherwise be trashed.


Our Green Coordinator oversees the reception and distribution of the donated food through a network of UASRA officers and community volunteers. If you are not aware of this program and would like to receive food and/or contribute, please check out the Food Produce program on the website.


By helping to feed people and not landfills, we are also making our existence on planet Earth more sustainable.

2021/2022 Operating Budget


Budget Allocation

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