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Resources for UCLA Student Employees

(health insurance, maternity leave, etc.)

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Childcare Reimbursement

This program is for registered UCLA students holding at least a 25% ASE and/or GSR appointment during the academic year and who have (a) qualified dependent(s). An ASE/GSR who meets the standard eligibility requirements will be offered a reimbursement of up to $900 per quarter or $1,350 per semester for childcare costs during the academic year. Additionally, an ASE/GSR who meets the standard eligibility criteria for a summer session appointment can be reimbursed up to $900 for eligible expenses incurred during the summer. The $900 limit applies regardless of the number of summer terms an ASE/GSR may work in a calendar year. To be eligible for reimbursement during the summer term, the ASE/GSR must also be a registered student in the regular academic terms preceding and following the summer session appointment.

For more information, and for reimbursement form:

Maternity Leave

The UCLA Childbirth Accommodation Fund was established to provide expectant mothers who work as GSRs, or who hold extramural fellowships that do not fund maternity leave, with paid leave for up to six weeks. A student may choose to continue to work in some modified capacity during these six weeks but is not required to do so. A longer period of leave may be granted, without pay, in the case of exceptional medical circumstances experienced by the mother or child before or after birth.

Six weeks of maternity leave funding are automatically granted for expectant mothers holding UCLA Fellowships, Graduate Division Endowed Fellowships, or fellowships offered by academic departments and centers at UCLA. (Refer to the Graduate Student Financial Support booklet for lists of these fellowships.) Also, a student holding a TAship is eligible to receive up to six (6) weeks of paid leave for pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions for the period prior to, during, and after childbirth (refer to Article 17 Leaves of the University of California and the UAW contract). You do not need to apply for Childbirth Accommodation Funding if you have an appointment as a TA nor if you have these types of fellowships.

Most extramural fellowships will defer to University policy and fund up to six weeks of maternity leave. If this is the case, you do not need to apply for Childbirth Accommodation Funding.

You may apply for Childbirth Accommodation Funding for multiple fellowships concurrently. If you have a GSR appointment AND extramural fellowships, you may apply for funding for all of them.

For more information and for the application form:

Dependent Coverage

Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who are enrolled in UC SHIP have the option to enroll eligible dependents in a voluntary insurance plan. The plan provides Anthem Blue Cross PPO medical insurance with the option to purchase Delta Dental benefits. 

For more information, enrollment forms, and fees:

Little Bruins Clubhouse

UCLA Recreation has begun a pilot program called the Little Bruins Clubhouse, which provides free evening child care services. The clubhouse’s activities will be coordinated by UCLA Recreation’s Youth Programs, an organization that has provided summer camps to UCLA community members for decades. The program’s activities will therefore resemble summer camp activities, such as games, homework supervision, and art projects, according to a UCLA Recreation statement.

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