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Below you will find a record of the past UASRA committees. These are individuals who have served this amazing community of residents with their time and talents. These include the executive board, general board, appointed officers, and volunteers.

UASRA Committee

UASRA Executive Board

President - Sufia Sadaf

Vice President - Yan Zhou

Secretary - Gena Yu

Treasurer - Aleksander Kondic

UASRA General Board

Event Coordinator - Maria Fontecilla

Community Center Coordinator - Evris Bacu

Website Editor - Elle Merritt

UASRA General Officers

Unit Rep. Keystone - Deepak Singla

Unit Rep. Mentone/Clarington - Andrew Liu

Unit Rep. Rose - Jamie Leonard

Unit Rep. Venice Barry - Leah Briscoe

Unit Rep. Sawtelle A - Sufyan Ashad

Unit Rep. Sawtelle B - Kunal Arekar

Unit Rep. Sawtelle C - Vacant

Unit Rep. Sawtelle D - Jesse Birchfield

Unit Rep. Sawtelle E - Eric Massey

Unit Rep. Sepulveda A - Sourabh Kotnal

Unit Rep. Sepulveda B - Yuting Lai

Unit Rep. Sepulveda C - Andreia Rodrigues Lirio

Unit Rep. Sepulveda D - Gazmend Elezi


UASRA Appointed Officers

Green Coordinator - Haan Lee

Election Chair - Shawn Liu

Community Garden Supervisor - Aparamita Pandey

Equity, Health, and Safety Officer - Marisol Vejar

Community Center Maintenance Coordinator - Lauren Ahlquist

Sepulveda Resource Room Maintenance Coordinator - Xiaoyi Wu

UASRA Volunteers

Sawtelle - Brandon Sixto

Sawtelle - Soumya Poddar

Sawtelle - Chris Ho

Rose Apartments - Alexander Johnson

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