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FAQ: Welcome
  • I have some problems with my apartment, how do I get them fixed?"
    If you have any problems with your apartment and need maintenance please place a service request here. It is the easiest and most convenient way to get your request placed. Alternatively you can contact maintenance at the head office by calling (310) 391-0686.
  • Oh no! I'm locked out! What do I do?
    It's okay, it happens to us all! If you're locked out within business hours of the office (M-F 8-4) please call 310-398-4692 and the office can assist you. If you've locked your phone in your house and nobody is around, have a stroll over to 3200 Sawtelle and visit the office in person. If it is after hours our lovely Apartment Coordinators can help you. As per our housing contract we are allowed 1 free lock out per year, after that it's $30 each time and it will be charged to your UCLA housing account. The after hours emergency line phone number is ​310-391-0686.
  • What do we do with our garbage and recycling?
    To dispose of your garbage please throw them in the bins located near your closest parking structure. Tan bins are for trash that goes to landfill. Our blue bins are used for recycling. Our green bins are used for food waste to be composted. To see the list of recyclable items in LA you can go to The small bins located throughout the community are for individual pieces of garbage, not for your personal trash.
  • How do I pay to use the laundry machines?
    While some still accept quarters, most of the laundry machines are operated using a third-party digital system called PayRange. Download the app for Android or iPhone and you can use your credit card by following the directions on the machine. You will need to register your own account the first time you use it. More information at
  • I noticed people leave the washer doors opened, why is that?"
    Unlike top loading washers, front loaders seal fully when the door is closed. If the door is left closed between uses, this causes mold to grow in the seal and drum. Leaving the doors opened when they're not in use decreases the mold growth and allows the machines to dry. If you're doing laundry and notice an unused washing machine door closed, go ahead and open it to help out.
  • I have ants! Termites! Pests! Help!
    It's Southern California, it happens. Little pests in the summer tend to get thirsty and head into our apartments. Management has a process of how they treat pests and will direct you on a case to case basis. Please contact (310) 391-0686.
  • Where can I smoke?
    As of 2013, UCLA is a completely smoke free facility. What that means is that you are not allowed to smoke inside your apartment, common areas or within 25 feet of buildings or windows. Please make sure if anything, to toss your butts in the garbage, and not just outside the complex.
  • Is there an outgoing mailbox in the complex?
    Due to the increase amount of mail theft in the area, management has removed the outgoing mail slot from our mailboxes. If you have to mail anything, there are USPS mailboxes nearby the complexes.
  • Someone stole my package. What do I do?
    We have a mail theft problem. It's a wide spread problem across LA. UASRA has worked hard to have cameras installed in our mail areas and have spoken to the Post Master Generals office. If you are aware of a specific time your package was stolen you can provide that window of time to UCPD by calling them and they can check the recordings (310) 825-1491. It's EXTREMELY important that you report all stolen packages. To reduce package theft please check your mail at least once a day and do not leave packages over night. When you are going on holiday make sure to have your mail held by USPS.
  • I have friends visiting, where can they park their car?"
    Both Sawtelle and Sepulveda have AMPLE street parking. Just remember to check the posted signs for street cleaning which is usually one day a week for 2-4 hours. According to the law (2017) your car can be reported as "abandoned" if it has been parked there longer than 72 hours. So make sure you're actually using the vehicle.
  • How do I add my phone number to be able to buzz people in?
    Email with your apartment number and your LA phone number. If you do not have an LA phone number (area code 310 or 424), you can get one for free through Google Voice and set it to forward to your cell phone.
  • I have a nanny/visitor/cleaner can I get an additional key?
    The answer is YES! These keys can be requested at the main office. It will require both the signature of you and the person that will need the key. The sitter keys expire after 6 months and need to be renewed. Your visitor will have to be verified by the office on the dates they are staying and the key must be returned to the office after their stay.
  • I received a LADWP bill that was much higher than average. Why?
    Many residents have previously reported a huge swing in their bills. There is an ongoing class action lawsuit where you can apply for a refund. Some residents have reported usually having a bill of $70-$80 and then receiving a $200-$400 bill. Please keep an eye on your bill to make sure you're not getting over charged.
  • My air conditioning smells strange. Can I get my filters replaced?
    YES! With our apartments being so close to the 405 it's a good idea to get your filters replaced every 6 months. Place your request online.
  • How do I take advantage of my yearly free carpet cleaning?
    We are allowed 1 free professional carpet cleaning per year. Place a request here or contact the office 310-391-0686 to schedule.
  • What is my unit called?
    Find your unit rep in the Committe Page. In University Village, your unit is given a letter depending on your address; Sawtelle units are labeled A, B, C, and D and Sepulveda A, B, C, D, and E. Mixed Use names are the same as the building complex; Venice Barry, Keystone, Mentone, Clarington, Rose.
  • I am moving in or out of the complex with an oversized moving van, how can I obtain a street parking permit from the city?"
    If you wish to reserve a spot on the street to park your moving van or truck, please call the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (213) 485-2298. You must call LADOT 5 working days prior to your desired move in/out date between 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. There is a non-refundable fee of $51.24 associated with reserving a Temporary Street Parking Restriction sign. Price is subject to change.
  • I heard we can get free produce. Is that true?
    YES! The UASRA board has organized a partnership with Food Forward, whereby local organic produce is dropped off at the University Village every Sunday, and our volunteers distribute them there and among Mixed Use housing as well. We usually receive what is in season with plenty of greens and herbs. First come, first served. Check here for updates. The produce alternates every other week with complexes east and west of the 405 freeway (i.e. UV Sepulveda, Rose, Keystone/Mentone/Clarington one week, UV Sawtelle and Venice Barry the other week).
  • Is there anywhere in the community I can study indoors? Like a common area?
    Yes! Both sides of the UV have designated study areas. The Sepulveda study room is located on the first floor of building 3151, apt 103. The Sawtelle study room is located on the first floor of building 3240 room 107. These rooms are opened 24 hours a day and are accessible using your apartment key card. Please be respectful of others using this room by keeping your volume low and cleaning up after yourselves.
  • I accidentally set my fire alarm off and now the whole buildings fire alarm is going off. What do I do?
    It's okay, if there isn't a fire and it's just an overcooked pizza open your windows and try to air out your apartment and around your smoke alarm. Do not open your door. When you open your door the hallway alarms are triggered which sets the whole building off. When this happens the fire department is automatically dispatched. It happens, it's unfortunate, but to avoid these hectic times make sure to air out your apartment via windows, not the door. If this happens call the office (310-398-4692) and if it's after hours contact (310 391-0686)
  • Where is the swimming pool?
    Swimming pools are located at University Village Sawtelle (3200 Sawtelle blvd behind the office) and Venice Barry. The swimming pool is opened to all residents and their guests. It is not available for private events.
  • Why should we keep our garage doors closed?
    Keeping our community safe is a big priority for all of us. Technically we are not allowed to store anything but our vehicles in our garages, but some people still do. Leaving your garage door opened is attracting transient people into our community. In the past we have had MANY garage thefts and most of them could have been solved by placing a lock on your garage or simply closing it. To be safe, please do not leave anything of value in your garage or your car and always remember to close the door!
  • I saw a party outside. Can we reserve these places?
    Yes! The Gazebo, Sepulveda Resource Room and Community Center can all be booked for your functions at no cost! Just a refundable damage deposit is required to secure the booking. To reserve these places please click here.
  • How do I get a spot in the community garden?
    Fill out the online form at You can sign up for a plot for 6 or 12 months at a time. A refundable deposit of $30 is required for each plot. Email the Garden Coordinator at if you have any questions.
  • Who do I contact for general reservation questions?
    Please contact our Community Center Coordinator at
  • What is UASRA?
    The UASRA is an elected organization tasked with liaising with the UAS community and UCLA administration and student government and exploring with the University how to best meet the needs of residents. We also coordinate the use of UASRA recreational and cultural resources. See more on our About UASRA page.
  • Who is my UASRA representative?
    UASRA representatives vary by building. Click here to see who your rep is and how to email them.
  • I want to get involved in UASRA.
    There are a number of ways to get involved. We encourage the entire UAS community to come to the General Assembly every third Wednesday at 7pm (except for August and December) at the Sawtelle Community Center. We elect new representatives and Board every spring. We're also always on the lookout for volunteers for the Produce Program, Events, and more. See our contact information for who to message.
  • I want to volunteer to help with UASRA events.
    We're excited to have you! Contact our Event Coordinator at
  • How can I help with the Produce Program?
    The Produce Program always needs volunteers to help set up and distribute the produce. It runs on Sunday afternoons. Contact our Green Coordinator at
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