Recycling Bottles

Sorting Waste at UAS

UCLA is going Zero Waste in 2020! Here at UAS, we participate in a triple stream waste program.

What does that mean? 
In your homes, set up a recycling bin and a food waste bowl, in addition to your trash can. At most dumpsters, you will see 3 types of bins: tan for landfill, blue for recycling, and green for composting.


Basics Know-How

To sort items into the correct bin, here are some basics to know:


Green Bin – Compost

Keep all food waste in a compost bin or bowl by the kitchen sink, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and more.

Domestic Waste Bin
Recycling Bottles

Blue Bin - Recycling

Collect your recyclables in a bin separate from your trash. Remember to empty and clean out bottles, cans, metal, cartons, cardboard, and more.

Tan Bin – Landfill

Use your trash can for non-recyclables such as coffee cups, wrappers, Styrofoam, diapers, and more.

Landfill Management

Special Collection

Set aside these items and remember do NOT throw them into any dumpster



Battery collection tubes in UAS Laundry Rooms.

Image by Vilmar Simion


Battery collection tubes in UAS Laundry Rooms.

Bulky items

leave by the dumpster – do not block access to bins, do not leave on sidewalks.

Wood Furniture

If you have more questions about sorting waste, ask your UASRA Green Coordinator (

Check out our new compost bins!