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Resident of the Month - Hall of Fame

The 'Resident of the Month', established in 2022, is a program aimed at recognizing the amazing members of our community. These are individuals who are nominated by other residents for their kindness and acts of service in the communities that we live in.

Know a resident whom you want to nominate? Visit the form below.

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March  2022

Want to recognize someone from your community? Nominate them with the button above.

Niki Holmes (Katherine Garcia-Holmes).jpg

Niki Holmes

February  2023

Thank you to for providing free conversation English classes for our international residents every Saturday for several months now. 


Alekander Johnson

January  2022

AJ is a resident at UAS Rose, and has been helping with the food program since over a year ago. He has been picking up donations from several grocery stores on both Monday mornings and Saturday evenings, which feed both Rose and Sepulveda people. He also helped cover some temporary runs. The food program won’t be as smooth as it is now without his dedication.


Kunie Katsu-Martin

December 2022

Kunie is one of the core volunteers with the free food program since the beginning and has been very active. She leads and helps with almost all the deliveries through the week, even cleaning up during and after the food distribution. 


Somanshu Banerjee

November 2022

One of the "new" volunteers at Sepulveda side. He has been very active and helpful. We appreciate all his good work.


Chris Ho

October 2022

Chris has been a leading and active volunteer on the Sawtelle side. He has helped with the NourishLA program and brought active volunteers together for the free food program.


Cristina Teran

September 2022

Cristina is the master gardener of 3234 Sawtelle! She enjoys teaching new gardeners in her outside garden to build raised beds. She truly cares for this community!


Tracy La Mattina

August 2022

She has been moderating the FB group for a year (UAS Community group), she is very active and helpful.


Cheer Wu

June 2022

Cheer has been volunteering for our UASRA general events (Halloween and Spring) leading craft tables, making popcorn,and cleaning up with us. She is amazing!


Melanie Mayer and Antonia Moure

May 2022

They created the PARENTS GROUP to support families from the UV. Find more information on this group here.


Brenda Wang

April 2022

Master Garden in Sepulveda side. She transformed one very shady plot in a pollination area. Now this plot has flowers to attract and feed insects who help our garden and nature.

Fabiola and Rodolfo

March 2022

This couple from Sawtelle side, had the initiative to take leftovers from the Free Food Program and distribute them to local houseless people in the area.


Sherry Zhu

February 2022

She has been working for a long time as one of the core volunteers on Sepulveda Free Food Program. 

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