Resident of the Month - Hall of Fame

The 'Resident of the Month', established in 2022, is a program aimed at recognizing the amazing members of our community. These are individuals who are nominated by other residents for their kindness and acts of service in the communities that we live in.

Know a resident whom you want to nominate? Visit the form below.


Brenda Wang

April 2022

Master Garden in Sepulveda side. She transformed one very shady plot in a pollination area. Now this plot has flowers to attract and feed insects who help our garden and nature.

Fabiola and Rodolfo

March 2022

This couple from Sawtelle side, had the initiative to take leftovers from the Free Food Program and distribute them to local houseless people in the area.


Sherry Zhu

February 2022

She has been working for a long time as one of the core volunteers on Sepulveda Free Food Program.