Bruin Creators

A community-operated space for making, learning, sharing, selling unique handcrafted items.

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    Acrylic Abstract Paintings

    Decorative acrylic paintings used on different surfaces 

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    At I sell embroidered jewelry, hand knit baby socks and ornaments.

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    Handmade repurposed-paper cards

    Handmade paper cards with rescued paper collage, quilling & yarn with Original designs!

    This card carries a message for recycling and reusing our resources enabling us to contribute towards saving the environment.


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    Making a Difference: Using Your Talents and Passions to Change the World

    I wrote a book on activism for kids! Making a Difference: Using Your Talents and Passions to Change the World, published by American Girl.

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    Maria's amigurumis & more

    Handmade with yarn, dedication and love. Each item here is unique and special.

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    Myra's Tiendita

    Handcrafted necklaces. Clay food necklaces are made to order and therefore may look different than what is pictured.

    No contact drop-offs. Gift wrapping available for an extra fee. Venmo only.

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    Raven Deverux Designs

    I design and create jewelry, apparel and accesories. I have a small resale boutique as well for select items. I have a wide selection of ready made jewelry pieces and offer custom pieces as well.

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    Sweet Christmas Home Made Treats

    Christmas is almost there! Sharing some of our favorite hand made home treats! Mom made these several times and they are delicious! I helped her because I like them!

    ——Jessica, 9 years old

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    Woolley Wear

    Hand crafted accessories including face masks, newborn knotted caps and hand tied bows. Masks come in various sizes and styles with lots of fun prints to choose from- including holiday prints!

3200 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066

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