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Basic needs items survey-UASRA

Dear neighbors, We are still in the pandemic zone and many of our community members have faced job losses, food insecurity and are still coming to terms with the lost lives. Our hearts reaches out to all of you! During these trying times, we want to support you through means that we can at UASRA. The UASRA budget is funded through your monthly deposit and this year, we have around $5000 as 'Mutual aid fund', to help our community members.

We have compiled a basic needs items survey for you to fill out, link here:

Please take a few moments to go through the items listed and mark them as needed. We will compile the survey results and make it available for the community and will begin to purchase the items for you at the earliest!

We will bring forth opportunities of other inclusive and equitable welfare programs throughout the year and will keep you updated!

Thank you so much for your time. With best regards,


UASRA President 2021-2022 On behalf of the entire UASRA team

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Distribution happened today 10am to 12 noon at Sawtelle 3200 Community centre, by the pool. If you missed it, we will be at the community centre again 5pm to 6pm, please contact us at to work out the best time the coming week. We will launch another survey in October for the next distribution. Thank you ❤

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