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Celebrating Black History Month-Lanterns of Hope

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Feb-20, 2021. Today, we had a lovely collective activity. Some of us opted for the zoom collective online crafting, and other neighbors recieved materials and instructions to make the Lanterns of hope at their homes in their free time. 19 families and UAS residents signed up and recieved craft materials for this activity, ranging from all over UV, single and mixed housing at UAS.

Lanterns signify 'light' and 'hope'. They were first mentioned around 230 BC, in ancient China. Through history, they came to be used as symbols to denote significance of hope, positivity or power. In the late 18th century until Civil war, lanterns served as a powerful symbol during the dangerous Underground railroad journey for escape to freedom from slavery.

In today's art, we used the colored paper streamers to denote 'time of hope', and the black and white papers to denote , 'night-time of observation' and 'day-time of activity' respectively! We further used LED battery candles in a jar, with a yarn hanger. Our Paper Art stand that we made and wrote messages and drew Art on, carries a reminder that we beileve in 'Love', 'hope', 'equity', 'healing', 'community' and 'justice'. This event is the first part of our Black History Month Celebrations. Our final and concluding event is on Feb 28th, 2021 where we will gather on zoom and talk about History, current scenario, mental health and community wellness. We will have Star Edwards, Dominique Moye and Brittany Pannell as our guest speakers. We look forward to your participation.

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