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Community cooking class: Learning to make Laab

There’s an adage that says ‘teach what you learn’ as you help others succeed. Our neighbor Thomas Pan did just that as he learned some new cooking skills and exotic recipes during the pandemic. He was generous enough to share this knowledge with our community in an exceptional virtual cooking class.

Thomas applied for our Community Grant. When his proposal was approved, he received from UASRA the funds to buy ingredients for the class and our support to deliver them to all UAS locations.

More than 20 families signed up and received the herbs and condiments for the recipe.

Many of the participants had never tried this dish before. Thomas helped us to follow the recipe, and he showed us his tricks.

We all agree the result was delicious!

If you would like to learn more about the UASRA community grant, feel free to visit the website at:

Did you miss the class but want to learn how to make Laab? Here is an edited down video recording to Thomas class:

Thanks Thomas for this amazing idea, our neighbors loved it!

Thanks UASRA team: Gilberto (for editing the video) and Evri (for helping us with the delivery)!

Stay tuned for more exciting events!

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