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Drum Circle at UAS

Dear neighbors,

Carrying forth the UASRA Mental health wellness drive, we are happy to announce our next event, Community Drum circle. Please mark the date, March 5 (Saturday), 4pm to 5:30pm at Sawtelle 3200 Basketball court. The drum circle will be guided by expert facilitator Mr. Alan Bruni (BFA, MA-Edu) Rumbling Rhythms Owner / REMO Endorsed Artist/Guild Drum Circle Facilitators

The interactive rhythm journey can be stress relieving, empowering and invigorating fun. Drum circles provide the platform for social connection, wellness and unity for all participants. No music or drumming experience needed to join and contribute to "in the moment" music making. All abilities, all backgrounds, all ages are welcome. All drums and instruments will be provided under covid precautions or you can bring your own.!

Please wear a mask at the activity zone. We will provide snacks and refreshments near the pool-side tables where masks are allowed to be removed.

Please note that entry will not be allowed if you have covid or flu like symptoms for safety and health reasons. Daily symptoms monitoring will be followed, you can use the the link or speak with our Volunteers at the event venue.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,

Sufia Sadaf

UASRA President 2021-2022

On behalf of the entire UASRA team

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