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Embracing our cultural diversity

Last Saturday we participated in a Virtual Community Class, led by our good friend (and UASRA garden supervisor) Aparamita Pandey. She shared a delicious recipe called Kadhi.

She guided us step by step, and each family was able to prepare and taste this exquisite dish.

Many thanks to everyone who helps make this happen. To the people who delivered the supplies: Gazmend Elezi, Andrew Liu and Sufia Sadaf and a special thanks to Yuting Lai, who edited the pre-recorded video for the class. Amazing job!

We were surprised to see so many interest on this activity (45 families registered!), and we hope to repeat it again soon.

If you want to share a recipe with us, please let us know! It doesn't have to be fancy or professional. Your traditional family recipe is perfect for us (

Slide to see our neighbor's lovely pictures:

Hope to see you in a next event!

Have a great week! UASRA TEAM

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