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Halloween Celebration

Are you ready for SAFE trick or treating?

Trick-or-treating is back this year. Sort of.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given a green light for children nationwide to trick or treat this Halloween.

What is happening this year in our community?

We are preparing incredible activities for the children, on Sunday the 31st, from 5 to 8 pm. We will have crafts, tattoos, and delicious treats on the basketball court at Sawtelle and Sepulveda A (large playground near National). We're throwing a 7pm movie night, popcorn, and a photo booth at Sawtelle, and the terrifying haunted maze with cotton candy at Sepulveda. Yes! we're back! in big!

But ... COVID continues to be a real threat, and we must take care of those who are most vulnerable, as they have not yet been vaccinated, our children.

Masks are the key.

Tips for parents:

1. Let the children ring only the decorated doors. We live in a diverse community and not all of our neighbors feel comfortable with these types of celebrations this year. Let's be respectful.

2. Always supervise the use of masks.

3. Bring hand-sanitizers and make sure hands are cleaned before eating any candy.

4. Don't forget to stop by our activities 5-8p.m

Do you want to give candy?

Thank you! Please keep these recommendations in mind:

1. Decorate your door. Kids won't knock on your door if you don't have any Halloween decorations on it (it doesn't have to be fancy, a pumpkin drawing is perfect).

2. Have a mask handy and wear it before opening the door.

3. Buy self-packed treats.

4. Do you still have a lot of sweets left? Come where the children will be, in the UASRA activities at the UV.

Finally, if you live in mixed use apartments and want to participate in our celebrations. Please sign up as a volunteer! We need help to come back big (and it will be super fun, you'll see!)

Have a safe, fun, and unforgettable Halloween!


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