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Residents' Community feedback form-UASRA

Dear neighbors,

We want to make our UASRA community that thrives on the motto 'Residents serving residents' an inclusive space for all of us to feel safe, visible and heard! From time to time, we have faced several challenges but our resilience to survive makes us bounce back to life! However, if there are issues that are difficult to resolve or are of a recurring nature, we need to reach out to community resources to initiate solutions for them.

As part of UASRA board, we have the opportunity to converse within the support space provided by UCLA adminsitration and ResLife and will continue to convey your concerns/queries/suggestions to them. We meet them once a month via zoom in our 'Policy Review Board' (PRB) meeting, generally the third Wednesday of each month and discuss the community needs and concerns in detail, however we are also in constant communication via emails, through out the year.

We have compiled a 'Residents' feedback form' for you to fill out. Link here:

Please take a few moments and share your experiences in the tabulated sections on the form.

Thank you so much for your time. Best regards, Sufia Sadaf

UASRA President 2021-2022

On behalf of the entire UASRA team

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