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UASRA Big Garage Sale on May 28th

Updated: May 25, 2023

Don't miss out on the UASRA BIG GARAGE SALE! The event is open to residents from all UAS locations, including Rose, Keystone, Mentone, Clarington, and Venice Barry.

Time: Sunday, May 28th, 9- 11AM Location:

*Sawtelle: Grass area in front of 3200 Sawtelle Blvd(on the other side of food distribution)

*Sepulveda: Grass area in front of 3233 S Sepulveda Blvd.

The UASRA will provide dedicated volunteers to assist with organizing the event: *We will offer pens and tags for you to conveniently label your items with prices.

*we will provide snacks and drinks for all attendees.

What you need to do:

*We encourage you to bring your furniture, clothes, toys, appliances, books, decor, and more to sell or browse through the offerings.

*Please note that residents are responsible for placing their items on their own tables or blankets in the designated grass area. It's important to clean up your area when the sale concludes.

Kindly remember that UASRA is not responsible for any items or transactions that occur during the sale. We look forward to a successful and enjoyable UASRA Garage Sale,

Bringing our community together. Save the date and spread the word among your friends and neighbors!

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