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UASRA Virtual Voucher Program

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We will provide a $20 virtual voucher to ALL orders placed for the May 7, 2021 market date. Limit 1 per UID. Upon check out (at pick up) staff will deduct the $20 from your balance. You are responsible for the remaining balance. Orders must be placed by April 30, 2021 at 5 pm.

This voucher has no monetary value and is non-transferable. No refunds will be given under any circumstance. Any questions - email us at

If you already placed an order you can make a second order(it will replace your first order) to take advantage of the voucher.

Funds provided via UASRA's resident's monthly contribution.

For University Village - max 1 per household for mixed used per UID.

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