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We celebrated Love & Friendship together

It's great to be back in person and be able to experience all the joy and excitement of sharing and celebrating our community.

Last Saturday we had a very sunny but entertaining morning. We created Valentine's cards at the craft station, listened to stories of love and friendship, played bingo, and raffled prizes. Some ended up in the pool!

During the morning we served more than 40 families (over 100 persons). They met each other, connected with new families, and created beautiful memories of our community.

Thank you to all the volunteers (UASRA officers and neighbors) who helped to set this up, assist during the event and clean up after.

Special thanks to Sonya, Marisol, Leah, Vu, YU-Ching, Kunal, Deepak, Haan, and Andrew! The most amazing team!

Thank you to all attendees for your willingness, participation, and for helping us maintain a healthy environment and follow COVID prevention guidelines.

We hope to have more events like this very soon!


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