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Virtual Spring Art Community Festival

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

For weeks a team of UASRA officers and volunteers residents worked to put together the VIRTUAL SPRING COMMUNITY ART FESTIVAL.

I need to thanks our amazing committee formed by the unit reps: Sufia Sadaf, our neighbors Aparamita Pandey and Amrita Pal, our garden coordinator Steve Lu and our website coordinator: Gilberto Cardenas. They did committed and incredible work! Thank you!!!

Also to all the neighbors and UASRA officers helping to make decorations, flyering, teaching classes, delivering supplies, participating. BIG THANKS! My favorite class was a "kid teach to kid" workshop, led by our lovely neighbors Brianna and Nova.

Thank you so much to our local artists for giving us their time and talents. Thanks, Joshua, Carmen, and Amrita for accepting our invitation to have a community conversation about your artwork. The videos are available on our website and will be there all summer.

Maybe you saw the QR codes with the clues on the playgrounds! Gilberto organized an enjoyable Family Scavenger Hunt on the Univerity Village's both sides. The winners were contacted via email (if you submitted your answers, please check your email!)

Last but not least, we need thank to Tara Burns from the Hammer Museum for her support. The museum staff hosted an amazing “Artmaking Class” just for the kids in our community.

We had a last activity pending and we are doing it now: Painting the Little Library for Sepulveda thanks Sepulveda C unit Rep Zack Brown. Let us know if you are interested in participating here

If you love Spring, Arts, and our Community, you will enjoy this 6 minutes video with the highlights of our Festival. Turn the sound on!

Do you want to know more about the activities? Do you want to register? Visit our website!


For enthusiastic artists, for those who do not stop scratching everywhere, for those who want to learn new techniques, and for those who want to relax and have a good time with your neighbors.

We had classes for all ages and all tastes.

The workshops were free and some materials were delivered before the activities.


You can't imagine how talented these neighbors are!

Dance, music, textile art.

You can watch the videos in our website. We had a good conversation to meet these amazing local artists and their works of art. Enjoy their performances and give yourself a taste of culture!


The theme is “celebrating spring, art, and community”

Ashley Schoenfeld

Title: Calla Lilies in Bloom

Medium: Watercolor on cold press, 9x12. Study of a Carolyn Lord painting.

Art is in the air and in our community.

Neighbors were invited to enjoy the spring decorations in their locations, and create beautiful installations.

Our gardeners were beautifully decorated. And we enjoyed the family scavenger hunt the last week of the month to close this fantastic festival.

Thanks to all that make this festival possible.

Doubts and comments, email us at

Have fun and stay connected! Create with us!

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