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Wrapping Up an eventful year

This year, our community was filled with a variety of wonderful events that brought us all together. Our beloved Community Center was a hub of activity, thanks to the hard work of Evri Bacu, who improved Reslife UCLA's reservation system for our neighbors' convenience and responsibility. The Sepulveda resource room hosted face-to-face English classes, as well as Parent Group and Storytelling activities throughout the year.

Our Event Coordinator, Ting Liu, organized seven simultaneous welcome events in September that allowed us to get to know each other better through activities such as balloon-making and creating avatars. In October, we celebrated Halloween with the classic Haunted Maze and Halloween festivities at the UV.

For the holidays, we enjoyed making crafts and arts, while February brought our first Valentine's Day dance party at UASRA, complete with music, dancing, and delicious food. In April, the Spring Fest delighted our little ones with games, competitions, and prizes. In June our Happy Hour at the gazebo was the perfect excuse to hang out together and we ended the year with our traditional Garage Sale.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the volunteers who made these events possible.

But that's not all - our amazing unit reps put together a host of interesting, entertaining, and innovative events. From pizza parties, donuts and coffee mornings, and game board events to tea/coffee strolls and art and crafts, there was something for everyone. Some unit reps even invited the entire community to enjoy spectacular events such as the Magic Show and the Respectacular Animal Show.

Thank you all for participating in our events and classes. These opportunities allow us to come together and build connections. We are thrilled to see you enjoy these activities and we hope you had an excellent time. On a personal note, serving as Vice President this year has been a great pleasure for me. It has been an honor to work with such an an amazing team of event and community center coordinators, and unit representatives. Thank you, Ting, Evri, Shivam, Deepak, Lauren, Arezoo, Marisol, Kunal, Jesse, Eric, Urfa, Leyla, Nazira, Gaz, and Pramita for your amazing hard work. Your community appreciates all you do!

Maria- VP UASRA 22-23

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