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Aug 28, 2021
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Dear Residents, Great news!!! If you applied for a garden plot two days ago, I already sent you an email with your Unique Garden ID (GID). To those who have not received it, I will email you; your GID monthly manner. So please wait for emails to you! Using this GID, you can track approximately how long you will have to wait to get your plot. For this, please go to the website and look in the ''garden waitlist section' with your GID. This automation was possible by Steve Lu (our former garden coordinator) and Gilberto (our website designer). I and Merry feel blessed that its inauguration occurs in our work period. No more asking via emails when are you going to get your plot, Yay for you all! I expect to have more mention about Gilberto in the comment section as Gilberto is leaving us soon and he gifted so many such above-mentioned gifts to our community. We are grateful. We will miss you! Steve envisioned many ideas for the community garden plots. As a Garden coordinator, he did more than a person could do. I personally did not know about these silent hard workers' dedication to our community until I got to get training under him for this job and have performed some jobs for a little time now. I can see I am failing here to detail to you all how much hard work is put by residents to serve residents in this community. The first agenda Me and Merry are working on is to speed up the plot allot process. We want to you to wait less. Indeed we are getting faster at it because now there are two of us to work on it and we definitely need all your support. May we excel in serving you! Respectfully, Aparamita Pandey and Merry Birchfield UASRA Community Garden Joint Supervisor

UASRA Gardener

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