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April: What's Happening In Our Community

Hello all! Click below to learn more about all the Spring events this weekend and more.


Free ESL Classes: Sign-Up Now!

Join us for free English classes every Monday & Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 PM in the Sepulveda Resource Room!

Click the button below to register or email


Spring Events in our Community

April 23: Spring Celebration

Join us at 10 AM on April 23 for egg hunts, a craft fair (more information below), a plant swap, spring crafts, and more!

This event will be hosted in the Sepulveda A playground.

Please Note: Masks and a daily pass are required to attend

April 23: Spring Craft Fair

Join us from 10 AM - 12 PM on April 23rd for the UASRA Spring craft fair.

This event will include homemade goods from our neighbors and community!

Sign up to sell your goods at


2022-2023 UASRA Elections: How to Vote

To participate in the upcoming UASRA election, simply submit a nomination. The deadline for nomination is April 25th at 11:59 PM.

*Check the Elections page periodically for more details*


Our Resident of the Month: Brenda Wang

Brenda is our 3271 Master Gardener! We are so thankful for her work and contribution to our community. Thank you, Brenda, for all you do!

This award recognizes our residents for their remarkable contribution to our community. If you want to submit a nomination for next month's resident of the month, click below.

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Please check the Elections page for more update:

Also for community wide email.

Thank you.

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