2021 UASRA Elections


Information about positions, bylaws, and stipends

Candidacy Deadline

April 25, 2021 @ 11:59pm

Include any campaign flyers.


Meet the Candidates

April 21, 2021

Get to know who is running.

Election Kickoff

May 14-24, 2021

UAS Residents can participate in voting.


May 26, 2021

Election results will be announced.


1. All candidates shall be any registered tenant (18 years and older) of University South at the time of the elections and through the term following the elections.

2. Applications and candidacy statements, 200 words or fewer, must be submitted to the Election Chair no later than April 25th, 2021.

 3. By submitting a candidacy statement, the Candidate agrees to abide by and accept all the rules and regulations as set out here.

4. Candidates can only apply for one position.

5. Employees of UCLA Business Enterprises, UA/S, or UCLA Residential Life cannot hold a UASRA officer or Unit Representative Position.

6. Descriptions for each open position and the bylaws are listed at


1. Each candidate is responsible for the actions of all people and organizations participating in his or her campaign. 

2. Candidates shall only make or distribute factually accurate, non-defamatory, and non-disparaging statements and materials. Candidates shall not allow others to make or distribute on their behalf statements or materials in conflict with these election codes. Candidates shall not endorse those statements or materials that conflict with these election codes. Liking a Facebook post is understood to be an endorsement of that post. 

3. Candidates shall limit campaigning to those activities not prohibited by the current University Apartments South Resident Handbook

4. Funds or other resources (including email accounts, credentials, and contacts) of the UASRA may only be used in elections for nonpartisan purposes (such as the mechanics of the electoral process). Any violation of this rule may result in disqualification. 

5. In order to have campaign flyers/posters approved for posting and distribution, candidates must submit their flyers to the Election Chair no later than April 25, 2021. The Election Chair and Residential Life Advisor must approve and stamp ALL campaign flyers/posters. Digital Revised February 2018 campaign flyers, approved by the Election Chair, will be posted to the UASRA website by the Website Editor and to the Facebook page by the Election Chair. Flyers in UASRA/UAS management glass cases are not permitted, door to door distribution and boards in laundry rooms are allowed. 

6. All flyers and public posts regarding the election shall be in English only. 

7. All election communication, including conversations, by candidates shall be limited to discussing your platform. Any offer or trading of incentives or like items in exchange for votes is not allowed and violation may result in disqualification. 

8. Candidates may post to the UASRA Facebook page. Campaign-related posts and all subsequent discussions must adhere to the rules set out in regulation 2, above. During the election period, the Election Chair and Residential Life Advisor alone will have the authority to determine which posts are in violation and are directed to remove non-compliant posts and/or comments as soon as possible. 

9. Verified violations of any of these rules will result in disqualification, following one warning from the Election Coordinator and/or Residential Life Advisor. 


1. Each registered tenant 18 years or older of University South Apartments is permitted one ballot. UASRA election and voting will be online only. In the case of multiple ballots cast by one registered tenant, only the first of the tenant’s ballots will be counted. If the Office of Residential Life determines that a candidate cast a ballot under another resident’s name, the candidate will be disqualified from the election. 

2. Voting shall be by secret ballot. All voters must fill out and submit their own ballot. Candidates are not allowed to provide voters with digital devices in order to vote for them. Candidates must not be present or nearby when voters are casting their votes. 

3. The winner will be the candidate with the largest number of votes cast for the office. 

4. Voters can vote for only one candidate per position. If a voter votes for a unit representative that does not represent the unit they live in, or votes for multiple unit representatives, only their vote for their own unit representative will be counted. Their votes for general UASRA Officers will be counted. 

5. (In the event of a tie) A tie will be broken at the following General Assembly among the newly elected officers and Unit Reps by secret ballot overseen by the Residential Life Advisor and/or Election Chair. Revised February 2018 

6. The Residential Life Advisor shall retain all online ballots for thirty (30) days after the election or for thirty (30) days after all appeals have been adjudicated, whichever is later. 


1. The Chair shall consider violations of these codes upon receipt of a formal complaint by Residential Life or any complaint made within twenty-four (24) hours of the close of the election by email to the Chair or Residential Life Advisor. 

2. Within two working days of receipt of such notice as mentioned in Paragraph 1 of this section, the Chair, and Residential Life Advisor shall meet to discuss the alleged violation. 

3. The request for such a meeting shall be filed with the Election Chair and/or the Residential Life Advisor. 

4. The Election Chair and Residential Life Adviser’s decision may be appealed to the General Assembly within three (3) working days after the decision. If such an appeal is sponsored by two-thirds (2/3) of the registered General Assembly attendees (see Article IV of the UASRA Constitution), a special meeting of the General Assembly shall be called within two working days to consider this appeal. The election ballots shall remain sealed until the UASRA reaches its decision. 

5. In the event the Chair, Residential Life Advisor, or the General Assembly with a 2/3- majority vote declares the election invalid, the ballots shall be destroyed without being unsealed. If the Chair, Residential Life Advisor, or General Assembly does not declare the election invalid in accordance with this Section, the election results shall be final and binding. In the case of a candidate being disqualified through this process, the candidate with the next highest number of votes will be given the position, without declaring the entire election invalid. 

6. The Chair and the Residential Life Advisor jointly have the power to impose any penalty she or he deems just and proper up to and including disqualification of the candidate subject to the appeal process above. The Chair and Residential Life Advisor must reach a consensus before imposing any penalty.


* Election Codes are subject to change with 2/3-majority approval of the General Assembly

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