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Good news on Rent relief application

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Hi dear neighbors,

We as UASRA board met with Sarah Dundish, Director, Housing Services & Strategic Initiatives at UCLA, on August 24, 2021 to discuss about UCLA's stand on supporting the residents at UCLA housing, who underwent/are undergoing financial crisis owing to covid hardship and need rent assistance.

Brief background: Owing to Covid related hardships, some of our neighbors at ucla housing were not in a condition to pay rent from last year March, 2020 and have unpaid rent since then. Over the period of one year, residents came together as 'UCLA-Tenants union' to spread the word and the impact the covid financial crisis has had on families. In June 2021, the Tenant Union also submitted a petiition signed by residents to Chancellor Gene Block requesting UCLA to support the residents with financial help either by accepting state relief funds or UCLA’s own funds. In spring, the state relief fund application portal under SB-91 had opened where most of rent-withholding neighbors had applied. Many neighbors also applied for assistance via ERAP. So far, most of these funds haven’t been mobilized.

However, in June, there were additions to the SB-91 clause (80% rent coverge) and legislative bill as AB-832 was signed, which promised landlords and tenants of 100% rent relief coverage for a maximum 18 months, from March 2020 until October 2021.

In our new term at UASRA, from July 2021 (July 2021 UASRA update), we kept the Tenant Union requests as one of our top priority and requested housing and ResLife to help us gain insights into the progress being made by UCLA housing office in this regard.

Good news, finally: In our August 24 meeting, Sarah gave us the good news that she has done all the research and between State policy and local city policy, there is now the permission to go ahead.

A community wide email will soon be sent from Sarah, encouraging people to apply to receive full relief coverage.

It will also cover past residents who moved out of UCLA housing during covid and as soon as the application opens (Sept 1, 2021), students will be able to fill up the form and add either her email or uclahousing as the landlord.

A full description of how to apply and what information to put will be covered in Sarah's email.

If people have already recieved some funds, the amount will be deducted from total of 18 months’ rent and remaining amount will be compensated.

As we look forward to the opening of the portal, we want to thank you all so much for your patience, sadly some of the neighbors had to take out student loans to pay some of the surmounting rent, but for them, any remaining amount will be covered.

Neighbors who have out moved will also receive emails from Sarah, with detailed step by step instructions on how to apply and some of documents will be made to be self-attested to ease the process of application.

Acknowledgement: We are very grateful to the residents who have waited patiently to receive help despite facing financial crisis, Tenant Union at UCLA to help voice the cause, ResLife to help secure meetings with UCLA housing officials and UCLA housing admin office for helping and supporting our neighbors' efforts.

The struggles of the families are real and we also thank all those families who have stood with the struggling families in solidarity, they did not withhold rent to amass wealth, but to provide support and offered their voices for social justice. Indeed, there is power in unity, kindness and empathy!

We will continue to support our neighbors and use our platform at UASRA to represent their voices and needs and empower all families. Our efforts have been and will always be for the community to come together.

Awaiting Next steps:

  1. The application portal opens on Sept 1, 2021: State relief application portal. Please re-apply even if you had applied in Spring.

  2. Community wide email from UCLA hosuing/ Sarah Dundish's office

Details on AB 832 and full coverage of withheld rent to landlords

Thank you so much for your support, please reach out to us with your feedback and suggestions to and we will continue to improve and refine our work.

With best regards,

Sufia Sadaf

UASRA President, 2021-2022

On behalf of the entire UASRA team

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9 opmerkingen

just a reminder that if you have withheld rent and need assistance, please apply for the State rent relief fund before Oct 3, 2021. If you have withheld only for solidarity, please deposit the withheld rent to UCLA housing by/before Oct 3..

The eviction moratorium ends on Oct 3 for California and only those who would have filled their state rent relief form by Oct 3 will be protected.


Please check your inbox for the email from housing. All the best for your application. Thank you.

Reageren op

Hi Deepak, it came from this email,, please also check your spam box in case it got there


Deepak Garg
Deepak Garg
02 sep. 2021

Hey Sufia, Will the email with details be sent out today itself. And will the letter to landlord 'UCLA Regents' be sent out together for all University Village residents?

Reageren op

Hi Deepak, thanks for reaching out. We have sent word to Sarah's office and are hoping for more information soon. Will update as soon we hear back.



We are waiting on the information from Sarah's office for the application form, eg what email address to put in landlord's section, and how to fill info about previous applications, whether funds received or not etc. Thank you so much for your patience.

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