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July 2021-Community update

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Dear UASRA community members,

It's been a month since we stepped in the new UASRA term and we want to thank you all for your positive encouragements and participation in the community surveys! We did face some challenges during the early transition, but with the collective efforts of all our UASRA officers, volunteers and neighbors, we set our community projects in motion.

We want to take a few moments to briefly summarise the community updates that we received at various discussions within UASRA, UCLA Tenants Union, ResLife, UCLA maintenance and housing offices for the month of July, 2021

  1. Safety and security: Due to a rise in incidents of active breakages, housing is deploying 'Saftey abmassadors' for patrolling the premises during day time and overnight. Evening patrolling already in place. In addition, remote monitoring and help dispatch has also been initiated. Broken gates and bike cages have been repaired. Neighbors are encoraged to report the incidents at the earliest.

  2. Main entry gates punch numbers: Keycard-machines with lessened sensitivity on the punch numbers being looked at.

  3. Open transfers for housing and hardship exceptions: The requests for transferring apartments within UAS will be undertaken by Fall. If you have already initiated the process and have a hardship needing expedition, please reach out so they can offer to advocate your case to housing,, with a cc to uasra president as well.

  4. Swimming pool opening: Due to delays in the repair, the expected date for pool opening is week 2 of August, 2021.

  5. Garage latches: If you have missing, malfunctioning garage latch, please place a maintenance request via maximo at the earliest.

  6. Animal relief zones and University shuttle arrangement for UV: Conversation has been initiated, we will keep you updated.

  7. State rent relief UCLA status: To be updated post meeting with UCLA admins. UCLA Tenant Union to meet with residents in late August, 2021.

  8. Refrigerator storages at Rose and KMC for free food program: Conversations have been initiated, we will update shortly.

  9. Outdoor gym equipment at UV/Rose: Converstaions have been initiated, we will keep you updated on the progress.

  10. Sawtelle B laundry room basin and compost receptacle to be addressed soon.

  11. UAS Marketplace dates aren't decided yet, CPO summer food distribution ongoing on Wednesdays.

  12. UASRA Welcome events for neighbors: Sept 11 at all UAS units, more details to come soon.

  13. Indoor events and booking of Community center, gazebo still on hold.

  14. Face-masks and vaccinations for eligible parties recommended .

  15. Blood/platelet/plasma donation happening register here: Nearest location to UV August 6.

  16. New UASRA budget voted in !

  17. Basic needs items and community living surveys.

  18. Sign-up for UASRA green coordinator's sustainablity free food program volunteership:

  19. UASRA vacancies: Unit Reps for Sepulveda B and Sawtelle D, and Sepulveda resource room maintenance coordinator.

  20. UASRA facebook group: To remove UASRA moderation and official presence from the facebook group to give more conversational freedom. Group to be used as marketplace, neighbors networking. Call for resident volunteers for group admins

  21. New UASRA commitee: More officers elected, including 2 joint community garden supervisors, who share split-stipends, hurrah to increased community participation!

  22. Fencings for new uasra garden areas: Conversations ongoing for adding fences to the new garden plots at UV, next-in-line, garden plots at Rose apartments! Request a plot

  23. UASRA officers by-laws: Ongoing review to remove punitive clauses from officers' by-laws to provide equitable, compassionate and inclusive opportunity to the residents. Data handling and disruption/deletion of uasra information/resources being reviewed and to be dealt with utmost priority.

Please join us at the monthly General assembly meetings, third Wednesday, 7pm on zoom , (except for August and December) if you have concerns/comments for maintenance, housing, ResLife, UASRA.

For full GA meeting minutes for each month, visit

Please write to us at for comments/queries. Watch this space for future updates.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Sufia Sadaf

UASRA President 2021-2022

On behalf of the entire UASRA team

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