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March: What's Happening In Our Community

Hello all! Click below to learn more about all the events happening around our community this month. We have an event coming up on March 18!


March 18: Women's History Month

Join us on March 18 from 6-9 PM to celebrate Women's History Month!

Come meet and share with other women from our community in the Sawtelle 3280 Gazebo.

Drinks + snacks will be provided!

NOTE: UCLA Daily Pass required to attend


Affordable Activities in LA

We have updated a section on our website! The "Affordable Activities in LA" section outlines outdoor activities, museums, virtual and in-person classes, and other cool stuff you can do in the area for no or little cost.

If you have any suggestions of places to add to this list, please let me know!


New Elections Page

For more information on UASRA elections, visit our website. This webpage is updated as more information and exact dates become available.


Our Residents of the Month: Fabiola and Rodolfo

Join us in congratulating Fabiola and Rodolfo on being our Residents of the Month for March 2022! These partners have been taking leftover free food from our Free Food Program and distributing them to the local homeless.

Thank you for the positive impact you have in our community, both within UAS and beyond!

If anyone is interested in joining them in these efforts, please let us know and we can connect you with them.

This award recognizes our residents for their remarkable contribution to our community. If you want to submit a nomination for next month's resident of the month, click below.


Thank you for attending!

Thank you for joining us at the drum circle and compost workshop. We love seeing you join in events in our community! Stay tuned for more event announcements about April events.

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