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Connecting our families despite the pandemic.

For the first time, UASRA organized a Penpal activity for the kids living in the University Village from September through December. Twenty-eight kids registered for the event and were placed with similarly aged Penpals. We delivered supplies for making letters (envelopes, stickers, stamps, notes pad, etc.) and emailed instructions and ideas to their parents.

In November, we asked the families about their experience through a survey. This activity seems to be incredibly more fun for school-age kids (4-9 years old). Some of the benefits the parents reported are:

"Fun chance for kids to meet each other,"

"We felt very well connected and learned an amazing skill: to form a friendship based on sharing our thoughts. This program also introduced my young son to write letters, and he was excited to receive a response",

"Help us to go outside to take some walk while delivering the letter. Help us to connect with other people in the community."

We still have much work to do to improve our virtual activities and events, and we appreciate the families' feedback. We encourage participation in the survey by giving away four gift cards from an educational store. The lucky winners were: Jessica, Theo, Scout, and Wells.

Many thanks to all the families who trust in us and willing to participate in this activity.

Stay tuned for more virtual programming! Times are hard, but we are stronger together!


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Congrats to the winners!

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