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Residents' Recycling Craft activity!!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Our planet Earth's resources are dwindling really fast, our green trees are reducing, air pollution has made it difficult for us to breathe clean air and our oceans are laden up with non-biodegradable trash! All in all, we are in grave danger! However, many of us do care for our environment and we are increasingly seeing rescue efforts to bring a balance to our resources. Each year in the USA, Nov 15th is marked as the National Recycling day to raise awareness for recycling and purchasing recycled products. As residents of the UCLA housing and UASRA community, we came together in November 2020 and created green principles themed set of events. Despite the Covid-19 anxiety running high and social distancing creating a void in our everyday activities, we celebrated the recycling day by reducing waste through the repurposing and reusing of old items to create craft and art from waste paper, other recyclable items and eco-friendly homemade cold clay.

Through these events, we learnt that even if we start off by taking small steps, we can collectively care for our planet Earth. We also learnt to sort our waste and reduce waste by being mindful to re-use, upcycle and repurpose the items that we have at our homes and to opt for materials and lifestyle changes based on sustainable resources.

Did you know that: # In America, 105,800 cans are recycled every minute!! Do your part and help increase this number. # Your television can run for 3 hours from the energy saved by recycling one can!! Recycle more cans to conserve more energy. # The Recycling industry pays more than $1 billion annually for recycled cans!! You can get a share of this money by going to your local recycling center.

We hope that you like our efforts and also get inspired to go green!!!

- Thank you @Gilberto Cardenas, UASRA website editor for the wonderful inputs on this blogpost.

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