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Sufia Sadaf
Dec 13, 2020
In Welcome to the Forum
Let's discuss ways in which our children at UAS community can play with other kids, maintaining social distancing, by following proper sanitization and wearing masks. With the hospital facilities overwhelmed with covid-19 cases and skyrocketing rate of infections, LA playgrounds were closed last week. This caused a huge divide amongst parents of young ones, and lead to immense anguish and helplessness. Outdoor activities and excersize are crucial for physical and mental well being of adults as well as children. After voicing their concerns, parents and lawmakers were able to convince for the reopening of playgrounds. Now, we can go outside, walk around and let our children play and gain social interactions which is crucial for their development. But there is a fine balance: when are we reaching the excess and are almost close to misusing the freedom/facility. We may not do it intentionally, but these are strange times, it's good to reinforce the pros and cons!! My suggestion for social playtimes: -kids from two or max 3 families, who have remained stable in their interaction and followed all precautions can visit the playground at a given time for a group play activity. If there are more families, we can choose and split between the participating families. -Face masks should be worn at all times, by all kids age 2 and above. -from now on, untill situation resolves, we can avoid eating outdoors. It may appear harmless to eat outdoors, if nobody else is around, but if there are many families, putting the masks down even for a few mins in close vicinity increases our chances of spreading/intaking the virus. -Scootering around, games involving running can be a good choice. -Caregivers/parents should keep sanitizing the kids' hands frequently, before/after use of the common equipments.

Sufia Sadaf

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