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Marbet Munoz


These past 3 years, as president from 2020-2021 and secretary from 2018-2020, I’ve had the opportunity to be an advocate and create meaningful programs that help meet basic needs. In addition we reallocated unused funds directly into expanding community programs. In the midst of a challenging year, we redefined the community experience. We’ve had many significant accomplishments like:

  • Secured meetings with UCLA admin to address important issues including rent affordability & safety

  • Expanded the Free Food Program by increasing the number of volunteers & adding 2 paid positions

  • Increased signage & hand sanitizers throughout UAS 

  • Established partnerships to bring more resources to UAS such as Summer Food Boxes, UCLA Marketplace & Virtual Food Vouchers

  • Implemented the Garden Expansion Project to increase resident garden plots  

  • Obtained Edible Landscaping via planting fruit trees


I firsthand know the struggle many of our diverse families face as I have also experienced them. My passion for our community pushes me to continue serving and meeting resident’s needs. At the peak of COVID, I regularly drove to stores to pick-up free food for distribution. Let’s work together to demand an equitable treatment in resources and services, expand current programs, and grow partnerships with CPO, GSA & other on-campus organizations.

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Sufia Sadaf


Dear neighbors,

In the three years as the Sawtelle A unit Rep I got an opportunity to work with you to organize various community-wide events, foster mental health, inclusivity, community engagement, and work towards creating a sustainable environment. The past year has been especially challenging for all of us, which has motivated me to run for the UASRA's President position.


We aim to increase community programs through transparent and supportive budgeting. We will engage community members who have expressed interest in volunteering for the free food program to ensure that this sustainable service continues to bring help to our families and food to our tables.


We will also work to support our neighbors who struggle financially and advocate for affordable housing, a safer and secure living environment, safe and hygienic zones for animal relief and recreation, and expanded green & sustainable resources. We will interface with UCLA/ResLife office for efficient communication. With your support, our UASRA team will consist of empathetic and supportive resident volunteers.


Please also vote for and support our board members team- Yan, Aleks, Gena and Maria. We thank you for your trust and promise to do our best to create a happy and supportive community.

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Yan Zhou


In the past two years as as the Unit Representative of Venice-Barry Apartment, I expanded VB free food program and built our volunteer team with the support from my dearest neighbors. My goal has been to build a
supportive community through effective communication, engaging events, and strengthened neighbor relationships.

With these experiences, I am now running for Vice President, and I aim to build a supportive community in UAS through the following efforts:

1. Promote effective and transparent communication between residents and the UAS office.
2.Improve facility maintenance of all UAS buildings.
3.Improve our living environment, especially on the security issues.
4.Advance community events to be more inclusive and engaging.
5.Make our free food program more sustainable and well-organized.
6.Egage more residents in our free food volunteer program.
7. Advocate for affordable housing by working with Tenants Union.

3_Yan Zhou_VP.jpg

Gena Yu


I have been an Unit Representative for Mentone/Clarington, focusing on connecting residents with housing office. Now, I'd like to move forward and devote myself to better communication between housing office and residents. The position of Secretary is the way that I can realize accomplish my goal. Being a Secretary, I will do my best to ensure every information is well prepared and given to our residents. In the meanwhile, I definitely will support and engage in residential activities.

4_Gena Yu_Secretary.jpeg

Aleksandar Kondic


Dear fellow Residents,

During my two years as the treasurer I was able to keep our Residents' Association financially stable. At the same time I made sure our budget would be transparent and geared toward community needs. Next year I want to continue with that, but also work with other board members on dealing with the following issues:

1. Cooperate with the Tenants' Union on rent related issues,

2. Create a volunteer system for our free food program to involve the broader community and

3. Ensure enough funding for community programs. Let's make this place affordable and sustainable like it once was!

5_Aleksandar Kondic_Treasurer.jpg

Maria Fontecilla

Event Coordinator

Last year, as the Events Coordinator, I worked with some amazing neighbors to have a year full of virtual activities.
I look forward to continuing to develop an inclusive program focused on the needs of the community.

6_Maria Fontecilla_EventCoordinator.heic

Evris Bacu

Community Center Coordinator

I am interested in continuing to be an active member of the University Apartment South (UAS) community. I have lived in the University Village for 5 years. I have been actively involved with the community through all these years.

I served as Sepulveda Room Maintenance from 2019 to 2020, while last year 2020-2021 as a Unit Representative for Sepulveda D. Additionally, I have participated in all the activities organized by the previous representatives and UASRA as well as volunteering in different ways.

All these different experiences have helped me to understand how UASRA is organized and works to achieve its goals to benefit the community. Also, participating in UASRA meetings I had the opportunity to understand the nature of the Community Center Coordinator position and the responsibilities, such as providing programs, classes and events for UAS residents for different activities or scheduling events and supervising the maintenance of the Community Center and Sepulveda Resource Room after being used.  

7_Evris Bacu_Community Center Coordinato

Sufyan Ashhad

Unit Rep - Sawtelle A

As a resident in this community, I have greatly enjoyed the events and the community work that UASRA has brought forth. During my three years stay here, I have attended many events with my family, which focused on inclusion and diversity.


We have also overlapped with many wonderful neighbors during these years and have always felt connected with them. As a Unit Rep, I intend to bring more opportunities for community engagement and networking and to voice my neighbors' concerns to the UASRA committee and to the UCLA/ResLife authorities for better solutions. I thank you for your time and support and look forward to volunteering to help my neighbors.

8_Sufyan Ashland_URSawtelleA.jpg

Eric Massey

Unit Rep - Sawtelle E

I have been the representative for Sawtelle E for 8 months. I'm dedicated to helping make our community safer and enjoyable for those whom reside here. 


Aparamita Pandey

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda A 

I am into human interactions, and event managements. I believe in team work and its value in problem solving. These features are great part of UASRA and its members. Therefore, I wish to be active part of UASRA.  

10_Aparamita Pandey_URSepulvedaA.jpeg

Zachariah Brown

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda C

I want to continue to be a part of projects that make our community a more enjoyable and better place to live.

11_Zachariah Brown_URSepulvedaC.png

Gazmend Elezi

Unit Rep - UV Sepulveda D

I am interested for the position of Unit Representative for Sepulveda D to get more actively involved in this Association to serve the University Apartments South residents by offering possibilities to bring them together, represent their concerns and interest and inform them about the UAS community main issues.  I have been actively involved with the community either by participating in many activities organized by the previous representatives and UASRA or by volunteering in food distribution. I am a very responsible, committed, energetic and positive person.

12_Gazmend Elezi _URSepulvedaD.JPG

Brigid Morris

Unit Rep - Mentone/Clarington

Working in the garden and volunteering with the free food program has helped me feel like there's a real community at KMC, and I'd like to help everyone have that feeling.  I'm looking forward to more community-oriented programming as we get back to in-person events! 

13_Brigid Morris_URMentoneClarington.JPG

Leah Briscoe

Unit Rep Venice/Barry

I feel very grateful to be part of the UAS community and want to help maintain and improve the sense of community that has helped sustain me during the pandemic. I want to represent the needs of my building and continue to expand the welfare programs. I have been an active volunteer in the food program and have shown my commitment to the residents. 

14_Leah Briscoe_URVeniceBarry.jpg

Jamie Leonard

Unit Rep - Rose

I successfully strove to both build community and effectively utilize Rose resources to help residents during the pandemic, serving as the Rose Unit Rep 2020-1. As restrictions lighten up I am eager to help this community grow further with in-person activities and hope to contribute to a welcoming and environment for new and continuing residents in this role.

15_Jamie Leonard_URRose.jpg