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Edible Landscaping & Garden Expansion

Last summer UASRA President met with various UCLA administrators to propose the idea

of integrating more edible landscaping within the UAS community, starting with University Village. Things quickly got moving in the fall when CPO and the UCLA Sustainability department got involved. Over the last few weeks you may have noticed the landscaping crew adding some new trees. Some of the trees you’ll now see throughout the community include:

  • Apple

  • Avocado

  • Fig (first image)

  • Lime

  • Lemon

  • Persimmon (second image)

  • Pomegranate (third image)

  • Orange

  • Tangerine

In addition to introducing the edible landscaping we are also expanding the number of garden sites which will add more plots for resident use. UASRA

Garden Supervisor, Steve Lu, has worked closely with the Sustainability department by doing various walkthroughs of the community to find locations in which new garden sites can be added. Thanks to his contributions and research on what areas will have great sunlight, soil etc, the new sites have been approved. We will be adding a total of 5 new sites within the UAS community. There will be 2 new sites on Sawtelle located 3300 and 3310. The 2 new sites on Sepulveda are 3185 and 3241. The last location will be at the Rose Apartments. Below you can see a priliminary map. Once the official map is ready we will share with the community.

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