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Safety Town Hall Meeting Summary

For those who were not able to attend the town hall meeting organized by UASRA where we brought various UCLA administrators you can find the summary below:


Management will answer questions that were submitted from residents via our website forum, and later will be answering questions from the meeting participants.

Answers from: Officer Jordan (UCPD), Jesse Alberti (Maintenance Manager), Jared Meyer ( Director of UCLA Housing Maintenance), Barbara Wilson (Senior Director, Housing Operations & Safety), Josh O’Connor (ResLife), Junji Tosh (Assistant Direct of Safety & Emergency Preparedness), Addae Jahdai-Brown (ResLife), Moderator: Brittany Pannell (ResLife).

Q: How can residents get updates regarding the incidents that occur in the community? A: Reslife will follow with all the parties involved after a safety issue. The community needs to be involved only when the issue is dangerous or a threat. In that case they will communicate.

Q: What measures will be taken to ensure the safety in our community? A: Housing is improving and fixing gates, pin code, better cameras, upgrading networks for all buildings, increasing WIFI and adding cameras. Package’s lockers (some vendors are not cooperating, but Housing has people putting packages in the locker at evening), large packages will be located in the laundry rooms. Now they are remote motoring on the cameras. Inspecting empty units. Increasing pedestrian entry gates. All the call boxes on the gates can call 911. Infrastructure issues will be addressed to improve the software for pin codes for entry. Securing the “jump points.”

  • S.O.S. programs on campus will bring it here. It’s not sure yet the details.

  • Upgrading cameras and improving locations. Improving lighting and looking outside for suspicious activities.

  • Safety is the responsibility of all who live here. Report! If you witness crime activity, more detail the better (time, plate numbers, etc.).

  • For safety suggestions, ideas and feedback, email to:

Q: How is it that someone can enter into this gated community, walk up to my garage, steal my things, and damage and attempt to steal my car and there’s nothing management can do to help? A: There are privacy issues, we can’t have cameras everywhere. Vehicle entries are the most challenging point of entry. We need people to report, lock their garages and report. Report broken gates right away. No work order, make a phone call. All first-floor doors, window, gate, must be reported immediately. Go to the office, or call (310) 825-3595 - 24/7 Maintenance Line. Some infrastructure issues will take some more time to fix, but they will be addressed.

Q: Would it be possible to have security at the various gates in UV? It’s much needed. A: No, for the cost. They can look at it but in the bigger picture it doesn't look like the best option.

Q: Would it be possible to improve signage and maps of building locations? Residents cannot get their packages quickly when they’re delivered to the wrong location (and delivery people are unlikely to drop them at the new more secure places if they cannot find them). A: Housing is already working on that since it was mentioned in the last general assembly.

Q: We are over relying on UCPD! Do we have other resources to address some issues where police are not necessary? A: Reslife is giving homelessness information. UCLA protocol says that if a crime occurred, we need to call UCPD. Officers coming doesn’t mean they will arrest people, many times they just convince people to leave. Reslife/ neighbors have approached people and ask them to leave with success, but sometimes they don’t, then police are called.

Q: What to do if we are worried about the same people trespassing many times and nothing really happening (police take them out and they come back again). A: Call and report, not confront yourself, be safe.

Q: Can we have more clarity on the rules about pet/ ESA owners. A: By Friday all residents in the community will receive an email with the rules and regulations about having pets and animal support. And how to report to housing. Guidelines for Maintaining a Service or Assistance Animal in University Housing: They'll help everyone understand the expectations of animal owners.

Q: How to report a broken gate (is continually fixed and broken)? Wondering if there is anything that can be done to speed up the repairs of doors? A: People stop the door to close it and then the door doesn’t close anymore. Help maintenance closing them and encourage people to treat the door nicely. Call a second time even a couple of hours after it was reported if it’s not fixed.

Meeting Ended at 8: 02pm.

Important contacts below - For suggestions only - DO NOT REPORT SAFETY ISSUES TO THIS EMAIL!! PLEASE CALL UCPD, HOUSING or RES LIFE

UCPD: Phone: (310) 825-1491

Anonymous UCPD Reporting Line: (310) 794-5824

24/7 Maintenance Line (310) 825-3595

Sawtelle Housing Office : (310) 398-4692

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