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Dovemarie Noel
Mar 15, 2021
The Laundry app is CLASSIST I can’t emphasize that enough. It takes a smart phone with cellular data to access our laundry. The app also charges us for putting in less than $10! There is a 25 cent charge for putting in less than $10! I had to purchase a phone with enough data and get a data plan. Laundry now costs a lot more for 1 load to be done. There are only 2 coin machines and 1 coin dryer. I have a time crunch when doing laundry and it feels as though I am being punished for being poor. I remember when food stamps turned into EBT cards it was a relief to me. This whole needing an app to access is not realistic for us all long term. I have had to cancel my cellular data plans numerous times and I don’t usually have space money; cash is all I usually have and those Bruin cash cards were like EBT cards. No one knew if you were poor or not. Shuffling coins and waiting for the few machines to be open Is basically punishment for being poor. with these new additional fees of using an app and a phone there were no improvements to the machines themselves. Same problems, I have had doors fall off with using the washers, we have had clothing stolen and we have had dryers tear clothing. They aren’t being cleaned any more than before either. I do expect improvements when I am forced to pay more for equal access to what I had when Bruin cards were used. Also our rent went up so I would expect my access to all the machines to stay the same or improve. However that did not happen I then had to spend even more money to have access to the same machines.
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Dovemarie Noel

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